· Aren't we lucky to have him?


Niam. Solid as a rock. Filled with nothing but good times. Born only 2 weeks apart, Liam and Niall have been a force to reckon with from early on. The two Virgos met at the x-factor, as roommates in boot camp. Little did the know that they’d be bonded together for life….

what is the colour of louis' eyes? like it sort of changes every time?? i'm so upset



Honestly anon, I think they change colour

They go from the brightest blue


to the palest grey

To baby blue

to sapphire blue

To almost green with yellow flecks

But those eyes can do thing, they can make you smile

They can make you cry for 4000 years

They can look into your soul

They can make you lose your breath

They are always framed by the prettiest eyelashes

and always crinkle

and even look good behind shades (gratuitous arse shot)

But those eyes are devoted to only one person

Just beautiful

i’m not crying…


One :) Direction :) where :) the :) fuck :) is :) the :) new :) single :)